Don’t Waste Time Fighting With Business Partners in Thibodaux, LA

Hire a lawyer to help you through contract disputes

Business dealings can be difficult enough without throwing a contract dispute into the mix. However, they do happen frequently. If you find yourself in the center of a contract dispute, you need The Law Office of Benjamin Comeaux, LLC to help you through it. Call 985-803-1675 to speak with attorney Comeaux about your issue today.

5 types of contract disputes attorney Comeaux will help you with

Dealing with contract disputes isn’t fun for any party involved. Thankfully, attorney Comeaux helps clients in Thibodaux, LA resolve issues quickly and professionally. Here are five types of contract issues our firm helps clients through:

1. Contract drafting issues – these are issues that come up while the contract is being drafted.
2. Disputes about money offerings – these happen when the parties involved can’t come to an agreement about the money, goods or services are being put on the table.
3. Errors in the contract – these issues occur when it becomes clear that there was an error in the original contract.
4. Technical terms and definitions – sometimes, a contract will have vague terminology that the parties cannot agree on a definition to.
5. Fraud and coercion accusations – these more serious disputes certainly require an experienced lawyer like attorney Comeaux to resolve.

No matter what kind of contract dispute you find yourself in, trust The Law Office of Benjamin Comeaux, LLC to help you through it.