The Law Office of Benjamin Comeaux, LLC utilizes a client-based virtual portal, granting our clients access to their case documents, court notices, calendar for client-attorney meetings, and billing once retained. All you have to do is log in and create an account.

Clio can be accessed anytime and anywhere on your computer or smartphone. The secure SSL encrypted technology, allows you to upload documents and send our attorney’s messages safely, giving you the utmost privacy you expect with your legal matter.

Access Case Documents

Clio allows you to access all of your case files. When a document is available for you to view, you will receive a secure e-mail link prompting you to log in and view your document.

Uploading Case Documents

A key feature of Clio is the ability to upload large files or documents that may contain sensitive data, such as your social security number, discreetly and efficiently.

Downloading and Paying Invoices

Client invoices are generated through Clio and are available for you to view and pay online through the Clio Payments or LawPay interface. This provides a secure link to pay using either a debit card, credit card, or e-check.

Secure E-mail Communications

Our preferred method of communication is through the secure email function that Clio offers. When an attorney sends you an e-mail, you will have to enter your login information to access the communication. This is to ensure our clients’ privacy while accessing important feedback on court hearings, discussions between opposing parties, and potential settlements.